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Best Books about Sacrifice

Children are still at an early stage in their lives, and they can be selfish from time to time by nature. So, it will be important to teach them the concept of sacrifice and helping others. When they are aware of this concept, they will be able to think about it either consciously or sub-consciously. […]

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Best five Books on Parental love

Love has been considered as the most powerful emotion. And I believe that parental love is the most unconditional, sacrificial, and long-lasting love among all kinds of love. Since I became a parent, my belief on the parental love has been more solidified. Many books on parental love are reviewed, and best five books on […]

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Best Children’s books about the Ocean

The ocean is where all the lifeforms were originated, including human beings. Probably, that’s why most of us have a nostalgic feeling on the ocean. The ocean stays at the lowest altitude and humble. I love the quote, “All streams flow to the sea because it is lower than they are. Humility gives it its […]

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Best Children’s Books about Paintings

Along with music, painting (fine art) has been one of two primary forms of art. Music and painting are often compared by many significant figures in history. One famous figure is Leonardo Da Vinci. As shown in one of his books, Thoughts on art and life, Leonardo Da Vinci expressed his opinion on music and its […]

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Best Children’s Books About Pigs

Pigs are a familiar animal to most of us. Pigs have been a domestic animal for a long time, and they have been introduced in folktales in many cultures. A lot of people have an impression that pigs are dirty and dummy. But, pigs are the smartest domestic animal according to many scientific studies such […]

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Best Children’s Books About Rabbits

Rabbits are a familiar animal to us: they are relatively small and cute, and they evoke the feeling of sympathy, innocence, and vulnerability. Most children will probably feel affection for them. Since we, parents, were young, we felt close and intimate to rabbits. It is known that rabbits are the third most common pet in […]

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Best Children’s Books About Crayons

Crayons have been good friends of children since its invention in 1904. They do not have a sharp edge, and they are an excellent and safe drawing tool for children unlike pens or pencils. When we, grown-ups, were young, we drew a lot with them: our favorite people, favorite animals, and favorite objects like a […]

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Best Children’s Books About Cats

Cats are an interesting animal. As one of two favorite pets along with dogs, they show very different characteristics from dogs. Their unique characteristics include arrogance, laziness, independence, sneakiness. Even with these characteristics, they are still lovable to a lot of human friends. I believe many people prefer a cat as a pet due to […]

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List of the books

Numerous books have been introduced in The list of all the books is presented in the following table. Please refer to the table to see which books have been introduced on which article. The list will keep expanding as more books are introduced. Thank you. TABLE: List of all the introduced books Books based […]

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Best Children’s Books About dogs

It is not an exaggeration to say that human history has started with dogs considering that hunting was the primary method of getting foods in the prehistoric period. Dogs will be the friendliest animal to us. Most of us will have a precious memory with dogs since we were young. There are many stories in […]

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