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Childhood is such a crucial period for all human beings.
From an early age, children need to develop their imagination and creativity.

Einstein once mentioned that imagination is more important than knowledge. Both imagination and creativity need to be developed from an early age.

Since the invention of alphabets in many civilizations, most valuable knowledge and know-how have been transcended through books. Books are probably the oldest and long-lasting tool for learning. Through reading books, one can not only learn something new but also develop their imagination and creativity.

For our children, the above benefits of developing their imagination and creativity through reading books can never be over-emphasized. Considering that a lot of digital media such as TV and smart-phones tend to limit children’s imagination, the value of books is even greater these days.

As caring parents, one of the best presents for our children will be exposing a lot of great books to them, teaching them how exciting reading a book is, and making it habitual behavior. Children who are exposed to diverse books from an early age will have a lot higher chance of building a meaningful life when they grow up.

The Purpose of this site

The primary purpose of this site is sharing helpful articles about children’s books and recommending the best books on various topics. There are three main top-menus on this site, as shown below.


  • Articles: Helpful advice and guidelines are provided, such as the value of books for children, why audio-books are recommended, the introduction of personalized books, etc. More helpful articles will be added to this section. 


  • Book Reviews: Recommendable children’s books on several topics are introduced, as shown below. For each book, its plot, review, and page-by-page content are provided.

  • Episodes: Funny and interesting episodes of children (mostly, my daughter) are introduced. While reading these episodes, you will be able to smile and/or think about the pureness of our children.


I hope this site benefits both parents and their valuable children in nurturing our children’s imagination and creativity through reading the introduced books.

Thank you.