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Books on Rabbits

Rabbits are a familiar animal to us: they are relatively small and cute, and they evoke the feeling of sympathy, innocence, and vulnerability. Most children will probably feel affection for them. Since we, parents, were young, we felt close and intimate to rabbits. It is known that rabbits are the third most common pet in […]

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Books on Crayons

Crayons have been good friends of children since its invention in 1904. They do not have a sharp edge, and they are an excellent and safe drawing tool for children unlike pens or pencils. When we, grown-ups, were young, we drew a lot with them: our favorite people, favorite animals, and favorite objects like a […]

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Books on Cats

Cats are an interesting animal. As one of two favorite pets along with dogs, they show very different characteristics from dogs. Their unique characteristics include arrogance, laziness, independence, sneakiness. Even with these characteristics, they are still lovable to a lot of human friends. I believe many people prefer a cat as a pet due to […]

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Books on dogs

It is not an exaggeration to say that human history has started with dogs considering that hunting was the primary method of getting foods in the prehistoric period. Dogs will be the friendliest animal to us. Most of us will have a precious memory with dogs since we were young. There are many stories in […]

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Daddy, I took the cookies from the store

  This afternoon (January 19th, 2020), I went to a shopping mall near my place with my wife and daughter. After having lunch in a restaurant, my wife went to a coffee shop for some research for her work. And my daughter and I went for grocery shopping. There, I purchased several items and drove […]

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Books on snow

Snow reminds most of us of cleanness, pureness, being fragile, beauty, etc. Most children love snow. Snow is a symbol of winter, and the best thing about winter is probably snow. There have been a lot of books on snow. Among them, two books on snow are introduced herein. They are The Snowy Day and […]

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Put me in the story

Personalized books for children have been introduced in my previous articles: Personalized books for children and Where to find the best-personalized books?. One of the sites for these books is Put me in the story. I have reviewed this site a while ago. At that time, I received the impression that the site has a […]

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Who took the candies?

I had an interesting conversation with my daughter several days ago. Like most young children, she loves candy. Because candy is not good for teeth, I only allow her to eat two candies at a time. Also, to prevent her from taking the candies, the candy jar filled with a lot of candies is placed […]

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Books on Caterpillar

Caterpillar can be a mysterious creature to children. It is mysterious even to the grown-ups. A weird-looking insect somehow turns into a beautiful butterfly through the stage of a cocoon. Caterpillar can provide a lot of meaningful messages to children such as the concept of metamorphosis, a required stage of the cocoon to become a […]

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Books on Teddy Bear

The Teddy bear was introduced in the early years of the 20th century. It was named after the late 26th president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, although he did not like to be called Teddy. More details about the Teddy bear can be found in Wikipedia. Since its appearance, the Teddy bear has been […]

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