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the very Hungry Caterpillar, Curduroy

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

It is a story of how an egg becomes a tiny caterpillar, bigger and fatter caterpillar, cocoon, and finally, a butterfly. It implies how precious even a little bug is by showing its growth and metamorphosis. The book teaches counting up to 5 and naming of all the weekdays and their order. A number of fruits is also introduced.

I purchased this book and read it to my daughter. At first, she was a bit hesitant to take a look and listen to it. But, later, she seems to enjoy it. Now, she shows a big interest as I turn pages. Especially, she enjoyed naming of all six fruits for Saturday. On this page, she asks me to pronounce the first syllable of each fruit. When I does that, she loudly pronounces the whole syllables of each fruit. Short but lovely book. Highly recommended.

Audio-book on the internet: link

Animated version: link



Here is a brief summary. The story is about a teddy bear named Curduroy who lives in the toy department of a big store. He wants to have a family, but no one pays attention to him. A little girl named Lisa meets Curduroy when she visits the big store with her mom, likes him, but she can  not bring him home because her mom does not allow her to do it. During their meeting, Curduroy realizes that one button on his shoulder strap is missing. At night when no one is around, he tries to find a missing button, but he cannot find it. Next morning, Lisa visits the store to bring him home and take take care of him. Curduroy finally finds his home and family.

I purchased this book and read it to my daughter. She was highly interested in this book. The book will make children think about friends, family and home. Also, children will compare a huge bed in the department store and a petty and comfortable bed in Lisa’s room. Children will also think about the value of saving – they can do something they want with the money they saved in a piggy bank.

It will be highly recommended to converse with your child after reading. Some questions may include

  • Do you like a big bed in the store? or small bed in Lisa’s room?
  • If you were Lisa, will you bring Curduroy home even though Curduroy had a missing buttons on his shoulder strap?
  • Will you save money in your piggy bank? If so, you may able to bring a friend like Curduroy home with the saved amount.

Audio book on YouTube: link


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