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Christmas_childrenI have introduced several books on monsters and ghosts in my previous article. In this article, books on Christmas are introduced. A lot of children all over the world are so excited about Christmas. And there are many captivating things about Christmas which include Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas trees, Christmas presents, etc. Even to most grown-ups, the word of Christmas arouses the feeling of excitement and nostalgia. Santa_SleighHoping that our precious children can maintain their pure minds for a long time, several children’s books on Christmas are selected and introduced herein. Please read each book’s brief review and check the contents of the books as presented in the selected YouTube videos. Reading these books will be enjoyable and beneficial for your child/children.


List of Children’s books on Christmas:

The polar express

(Author: Chris Van Allsburg, Age range: 4~7 years)


A boy hears some sound on Christmas eve. That is the sound of a train, and he rides on it. The train is heading for the North Pole, and it is called Polar Express. There are many children on the train. The children find out that the north pole is a big city, and there are hundreds of elves. The boy receives a silver bell of the sleigh as a Christmas present. The boy is so excited, but while coming back home, he has lost it through the hole in his pocket and he is very disappointed.  

The next morning on Christmas day, the silver bell is the Christmas present with a note from Santa. The bell makes the most beautiful sounds to the boy and his sister, but his parents cannot hear it. Only children with pure minds can hear it.


It is a story with great imagination. A lot of children travel to the North Pole via a train and meet with Santa Clause. With the metaphor of hearing the beautiful sounds from the silver bell, the book makes children think about their pureness.


Turkey Claus

(Author: Wendi Silvano, Age range: 4-8 years)


It is a story of a turkey who overheard that he would be on the menu for the Christmas dinner. He is shocked, and he decides to visit Santa Clause to ask for help.

He goes to the North pole and tries to meet up with Santa Clause, who is very busy on the day before Christmas. An elf does not allow the turkey to meet up with Santa.

The turkey disguises to a Christmas tree, a reindeer, a candy cane, Mrs. Claus, a present box to meet Santa. Finally, he meets Santa and explains his wish. Then, Santa provides the right disguise for the turkey, and he survives Christmas.  Great story. The illustration is funny, and children will love it.


Santa Claus and the Three Bears

(Author: Maria Madugno, Age range: 4-8 years)


It is a story of a polar bear family. While papa bear, mama bear, and baby bear are away from their house on Christmas eve, Santa Clause accidentally landed on the roof of the three bears’ house and messed up the house.

The story-line is so cute and easily understandable for children. The introduced YouTube video is narrated with a great voice and very comfortable to listen to.


Snowmen at Christmas

(Author: Caralyn Buehner & Mark Buehner, Age range: 3-7 years)


It is about an imagination that snowmen gather and celebrate at a Christmas party. The snowmen have their own family members: snow-father, snow-mother, snow-children. After gathering, some snowmen decorate Christmas trees, snow-mothers layout a lot of cold treats including ice cream, snowmen hold a dancing party, snow-children play around, etc. Then, they meet with Santa Clause. After the party, they return to where they were from. Imagination is manifested, and there are a lot of vivid pictures in this book.


Olive, the Other Reindeer

(Author: Vivian Walsh, Age range: 5-8 years)


It is a story of a normal small dog named Olive. When he heard the Christmas Carol “All of the other reindeer”, he mistakes the words as “Olive, the other reindeer”. Then, thinking that he is a reindeer, he goes to the North pole to visit Santa Claus. Olive finally meets Santa Claus and gets a chance to travel with him and other reindeer to deliver Christmas presents to good boys and girls. 

When the group encounters several problems, Olive helps resolving the problems. The part of misinterpreting “all of the” as “Olive” is quite funny. Children can think that even a small dog can do a lot of works and be of great value.

the tale of the three trees

(Author: Angela Elwell Hunt, Age range: 4-18 years)


It is a beautiful story, especially touching for Christians.
Three little trees dreamed of what they want to be when they grew up. Their dreams sounded very ambitious such as becoming a treasure chest, becoming a strong sailing ship, and becoming the tallest tree in the world. When they were cut by three woodcutters after growing up, it seemed like they failed to accomplish their dream, and they even forgot their old dreams. But, it turned out that they became the crucial parts of Jesus Christ’s life.


The Little Reindeer

(Author: Nicola Killen, Age range: 4-8 years)


It is a story of a little girl who helped a little reindeer.

On Christmas eve, Ollie hears a sound when she is about to sleep.

She goes outside to find out what made the sound and discovers a collar circled with silver bells in a forest. Then, she gives the collar to a reindeer who have lost it. Then, Ollie climbs onto the reindeer’s back, and they fly to her house. The next morning on Christmas day, Ollie finds her Christmas present.     

The pictures of the book are well-drawn and quite captivating. For children, helping a reindeer will feel fascinating. Great story.

Presents Through the Window

(Author: Taro Gomi, Age range: 3-5 years)


It is such an enjoyable book for young children.

A modern version of Santa comes to a town not by a sleigh but by a helicopter. He visits several houses. By looking through the window of each house, he assumes what animal is inside the house, but he is wrong. For example, he mistakes a big pig for a little kitten, three geese for a zebra, a big bear for no one, a crocodile for a fox, a bunch of bunnies for a crocodile, etc. Although the presents were not quite appropriate, everyone becomes happy on Christmas day.
The story is very smart, and the pictures are funny. It is highly recommended for young children.

 In the introduced YouTube video, the narration is very clear and comfortable to listen to.

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  1. Hi there,

    Ah! A reminder of the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child!

    Not all of those books were familiar to me, but your description makes me want to read them – congratulations!

    I like the idea of keeping the historical sentiment of Christmas, but also “modernizing” him into a character that today’s children can relate to.

    More reading gems for my grandchildren – thank you.


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