Best Children’s Books About Teddy Bear

The Teddy bear was introduced in the early years of the 20th century. It was named after the late 26th president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, although he did not like to be called Teddy. More details about the Teddy bear can be found in Wikipedia. Since its appearance, the Teddy bear has been loved by a lot of children and grown-ups all over the world. Three books which present meaningful and helpful messages to our precious children are introduced herein.


(Author: Don Freeman, Age range: 1~5 years)


There is a Teddy bear named Corduroy who lives in the toy department of a big store. He wants to have a family, but no one pays attention to him. One day, a little girl named Lisa meets Corduroy when she visits the big store with her mom and she likes Corduroy. But she cannot bring him home because her mom does not allow her to do it. During their meeting, Corduroy realizes that one button on his shoulder strap is missing. At night when no one is around, he tries to find the missing button, but he cannot find it. The next morning, Lisa visits the store to bring him home and takes care of him. Corduroy finally finds his home and family.


The book was first published in 1968. The book has a lot of meaningful messages for our children. It will make children think about friends, family, and home. Also, children are encouraged to compare a huge bed in the department store and a petty and comfortable bed in Lisa’s room. Also, the palace-like gigantic shopping mall and the small apartment can be compared. Children will also think about the value of saving. Telling them that they can do something they want with the money they saved in a piggy bank will be a valuable lesson. One of my favorite quotes from the book is “I like you the way you are. But, you’ll be more comfortable with your shoulder strap fastened”. To me, this quote explains the true and sincere love of Lisa for Corduroy.

The book arouses a lot of meaningful questions such as

  • Do you like a big bed in the store? or a small bed in Lisa’s room?
  • Will you bring Corduroy home even though Corduroy had a missing button on his shoulder strap?
  • Will you like Corduroy as he is although he does not look new?
  • What is the meaning of home to you?
  • Will you save money in your piggy bank? What will you do with the money you saved?

Corduroy has touched so many people’s hearts since it was published. It is highly recommended for our children.

Where’s My Teddy?

(Author & Illustrator: Jez Alborough, Age range: 3~7 years)


A boy named Eddie goes to the woods to find his lost Teddy bear called Freddie.
Eddie is scared in the dark woods, but he keeps searching for Freddie, and finally, he found a Teddy bear in the woods. It looked like Freddie, but it was huge – a lot bigger than Eddie himself. Then, Eddie worries that he and the gigantic Teddy bear  cannot fit in his bed. Then, a gigantic bear appears while holding tiny real-size Freddie.
The gigantic bear and Eddie happily swap the giant Teddy bear and Freddie, and they go to their own beds with their Teddy bears.


It is a story of a simple plot, but its message is not negligible.
Eddie tried to find his Teddy bear in the dark woods despite his fear.
Our children can also learn the mathematical concept of being large and small.

George in the Dark

(Author and Illustrator: Madeline Valentine, Age range: 3~7 years)


It is a small adventure book of a young boy called George.
George is a brave boy, but he is afraid of darkness.
He is afraid of bed-time in the dark.
One night, when he is about to sleep, he finds out that his Teddy bear is missing.
So, he tries to rescue the bear as a brave boy.
After rescuing the bear, he feels brave.



This book will make our children think about themselves as a hero.
In normal condition, they are protected by their parents or guardians.
But in this book, George is a protector of his Teddy bear.
He successfully rescues his bear while overcoming his fear of the darkness.
The messages in this book seem powerful for our children.


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  1. I am so glad I came across this site and this article! I am not a grandmother yet, but when I was a young mother, I used to spend a lot of time in book stores, reading the summery on many children’s book covers, to find the suitable ones for my daughter. I find it very important for the children to have books almost since birth day, and we had a lot of them. It is great that now we can read your articles and find out all the aspects of a book, it’s moral and benefits and the plot itself. I’ll sure get ready all three books for the time my grandchild arrives! Thanks for a great article!

  2. I don’t have kids of my own yet but I do have a baby nephew that would be interested in hearing one of these when I lay his naughty butt to bed when I visit him. Intriguing you got here, thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. You sure know what children like, I don’t have any small children or grandchildren to shop for, but I do enjoy reading your posts for children. I do have baby nieces and nephews, but they are too young yet for the books you recommend so I wrote them down for the near future they do grow up so quickly.



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