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Posted December 16, 2019 6 comments |Uncategorized

Books on monsters and ghosts

My daughter loves monsters and ghosts. She is excited when she sees a monster or a ghost on TV or in a book. But, she also says that she is scared of them from time to time. For example, she mentioned a few days ago that she met a monster in her dream and it […]

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Posted November 10, 2019 2 comments |Uncategorized

King grandma went to heaven

My grandmother passed away last Tuesday (Oct 29th, 2019). She was 90 years old. I have a lot of precious memories with her. My mother was the eldest child of her, and I was the only grandson for five years before my younger brother was born. To my grandparents, I believe I was so special. […]

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I can smell ice-cream

Sometimes, children mention unexpected and/or unrealistic comments which makes us smile / laugh. No exception with my daughter. Let me introduce a short episode which happened recently. On weekends, my family goes out for lunch or dinner often. It is kind of a weekend ritual for relaxation. We also walk around a lot on weekend […]

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Posted October 21, 2019 4 comments |Uncategorized

Friendship of children

I think the friendship of children is somewhat different from ours (grown-ups), and I had a chance to observe an interesting event of my daughter. Let me introduce what happened. There are several popular water-parks in South Korea, and one of them is Caribbean Bay which is not far away from my place. My daughter […]

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Innocent lies and imagination of children

The innocent lies and imagination of children make us smile a lot of times. Let me introduce a short story of my daughter. The kindergarten my daughter attends to offers a one-on-one meeting between the classroom teacher and the parents once every semester. As a semi-annual ritual, I visited the kindergarten to have a meeting […]

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Children’s Books based on songs

Songs have been with the human race as long as we can remember. Think about ourselves. Since we were born, we have been exposed to a lot of songs. Songs are entertaining and have been our old friends. Almost all of us remember quite a few songs which we learned when we were children. Amazingly, […]

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Posted September 26, 2019 2 comments |Uncategorized

The innocence of children

The innocence of children through their behaviors and thoughts make us smile a lot. Let me share a quick episode with my daughter who will be 4 years old in two months. She goes to Kindergarten by school bus these days. In the morning during weekdays, her school bus comes to my apartment to pick […]

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Posted September 18, 2019 11 comments |Uncategorized

Where to find best personalized books?

In one of the articles in my site, “Personalized books for children”, a brief introduction of personalized books has been provided. Without a doubt, personalized books are highly beneficial and recommended for any child. While being aware of its benefits, there might be several questions on selecting right books for your child. Some examples are […]

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Posted September 11, 2019 2 comments |Uncategorized

Daddy, I trust you.

Since my daughter started walking and talking, she wanted to have a daily ritual. Beside reading books with her daddy (me), one of the first rituals she loved to have was a family dancing. Before she went to bed, all three of her family members held hands and made a circle. Once my daughter began […]

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Posted September 7, 2019 14 comments |Uncategorized

I can do it

Last week, my family (my wife, my daughter and myself) were about to get into our car to go somewhere. My daughter is still 3 years (45 months) old, and she needs to sit on the baby car seat. She tried to open the rear door on the left side to sit on her seat. […]

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