I can smell ice-cream

Sometimes, children mention unexpected and/or unrealistic comments which makes us smile / laugh. No exception with my daughter. Let me introduce a short episode which happened recently.

On weekends, my family goes out for lunch or dinner often. It is kind of a weekend ritual for relaxation. We also walk around a lot on weekend because my wife loves it. My daughter became a member of my family a little less than 4 years ago, and she joined our weekend ritual afterwards. When we were walking around, my daughter was sitting in a stroller like an arrogant king.

After my daughter started walking, we did not bring the stroller anymore. Whenever my daughter asked me to lift her up and hold her, I did as per her request. It was relatively easy when my daughter was a toddler, but not anymore. Lifting her up and walking for a long time was not easy at all. Whenever my daughter was upset or did not want to walk any more, she often said, “I cannot walk any more”. Sometimes, she even sat down where she was standing. When she refused to walk, it was nearly impossible to persuade her to walk again.

The implication of her action was “Hey, Daddy. I don’t want to walk any more. Why don’t you lift up and hold me? Then, we can go where you want to go”. I tried to persuade her by saying that “You are not a baby anymore. Holding you up for a long time may hurt my back because you are quite heavy now. If my back hurts, I can neither cook for you nor play with you”. Then, she replied, “in that case, I will play with mommy or other friends. and I am not hungry now”. Her logic as a 3-year-old child was somewhat reasonable to me. Her determination was so strong like a rock, and she still refused to walk. Since then, we always bring the stroller in case my daughter is upset or refuse to walk herself.

Last Saturday afternoon, my daughter and I played in the playground near our house for about 30 minutes, and my wife joined us to go for dinner. we decided to go to a restaurant we had picked up earlier. Instead of driving, we chose to go there by bus because my daughter loved a bus. Probably, it was because she had watched a TV program in which several buses were main characters. Also, being inside a big vehicle was so much fun for her. So, three of us went to the nearest bus-stop while my daughter was sitting in a stroller. When we were about 50 meters away from the bus-stop, my daughter made an interesting comment. “I can smell ice-cream”. Both my wife and I smiled and laughed a lot. I am not sure how ice-cream smells. The ice-cream store we visited from time to time was in front of the bus-stop. So, we were still far away from the ice-cream store to smell it (if there is any). 

I asked myself why she made such an interesting comment. She knew that the ice-cream store was in front of the bus-stop. Probably, the bus-stop evoked the ice-cream store and ice-cream. When she thought about ice-cream, she somehow imagined the smell of it. She might have an expectation that we would buy one for her. Her comment of “I can smell ice-cream” delighted both of us – another precious memory associated with my daughter. 

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  1. Hi, I enjoyed reading your sweet article about, I Can Smell Ice-Cream. I can relate to those days. My kids are grown now, but I can remember some of the cute and funny things they would say. Also, I have a grand baby that just started talking. I can’t wait to hear the funny things she will say. Thanks for bringing back good child hood memories.
    Best Wishes,

  2. This made me have a chuckle about smelling the ice cream : ) very cute. Maybe your daughter has a very advanced sense of smell !
    Not a bad quality to have, almost a hidden talent perhaps. Look forward to reading some more of your work.
    -Will : )


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