The innocence of children

The innocence of children through their behaviors and thoughts make us smile a lot. Let me share a quick episode with my daughter who will be 4 years old in two months.

She goes to Kindergarten by school bus these days. In the morning during weekdays, her school bus comes to my apartment to pick up my daughter. Usually, we arrive to the promised spot 5 minutes before the bus arrives.  

While waiting for the bus, my daughter often suggests me to play some games such as “hide and seek”. She asks me to play “Rock-paper-scissors” beforehand to choose the seeker. When the game starts, she says, ‘Daddy. You must choose scissors.” I show scissors as she suggested. Unexpectedly, her choice is paper. Then, she says with a smiling face, “the winner will be the seeker. So, I am the seeker and you are the hider.” Our choice among Rock, paper, and scissors is always predetermined and it never changes. 

When the “hide and seek” game starts, she asks me to hide at a particular place. “Daddy. You have to hide behind there”. If I hide at some other place, she is not happy and she complains. So, I am forced to move to the place where she indicates. While I am hiding, she comes near me and shows a gesture of looking for me. Although she knows where I am, she still pretends looking for me. She keeps saying “Hmmm, where is my daddy hiding? Where is he?” After looking around for about 20 seconds, she exclaims, “I found you!”. The play continues until her school bus arrives. The game is so predictable and it follows exactly the same routine every day, but she really enjoys it. And it makes me smile. Often, other parents / grandparents who are waiting for their children’s school buses or elders who walk by look at her actions and smile. I can see innocent happy smile on her face whenever we perform this ritual. I am not sure how long this ritual will continue, but it will be an unforgettable joyful memory in my heart.

The innocence of children through their behaviors and thought make us smile and happy. I believe most of you will agree me. I hope our children maintain their innocence for a long time.

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