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the very Hungry Caterpillar, Curduroy

The Very Hungry Caterpillar It is a story of how an egg becomes a tiny caterpillar, bigger and fatter caterpillar, cocoon, and finally, a butterfly. It implies how precious even a little bug is by showing its growth and metamorphosis. The book teaches counting up to 5 and naming of all the weekdays and their […]

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Benefits of young children’s audio book

Reading is beneficial for all age groups. It provides a lot of benefits such as learning knowledge, improving concentration, mental stimulation, etc. But for a young child who does not know alphabet yet, reading himself/herself is not possible and listening is an alternative option. For parents, reading a picture book to a young child is […]

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Personalized books for children

Books are a great tool for understanding and encountering the world – they are treasure boxes of knowledge. They provide an indirect experience and they have been one of the best learning methods for mankind. With no doubt, books are the most ideal and recommended tool of learning even in the digital era because of […]

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Benefits of reading to young children

Most parents know that reading to young children is highly beneficial, and the benefits of reading have been widely studied and analyzed. These benefits are listed and explained on many blogs, but most likely in a random way. In some cases, more than 10 benefits are listed, but a lot of them are basically the […]

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About Jason

Welcome to MY STORY I am Korean-Canadian, and have been living in Korea since 2014. My family (my wife and daughter) is planning to go back to Canada in a couple of years. My daughter is 3-years-old. She is healthy & she gets along with her friends. Because these are my top priorities for […]

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