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Books are a great tool for understanding and encountering the world – they are treasure boxes of knowledge. They provide an indirect experience and they have been one of the best learning methods for mankind. With no doubt, books are the most ideal and recommended tool of learning even in the digital era because of its numerous benefits including

  • sharpening of your mind
  • expansion of your vocabulary
  • improvement of your memory and focus
  • training / examplifying of your writing skills
  • enhancement of your imagination


Most of these benefits are also applicable to children. The benefits are even greater and more crucial because children are in early stage of life, and getting familiar with books from an early age is highly recommended. By the way, some children are not fond of books, and it is hard to force them to read or listen to books. In that case, how about considering “a personalized book”?

A personalized book has been upward trends over the past few years, and it has been loved by many parents & children. Rather than an ordinary book, it can be a keepsake box with a lot of benefits. Do you know that even an infant can cherish a book? Do you know that infants are able to comprehend a book by looking at visuals and responding to the story when spoken to?

In this article, a myriad of benefits of personalized books on children’s growing development will be introduced first. Then, a guide for parents on how to choose a great personalized book will be explained. Lastly, several recommended sites which offer personalized books will be listed with a brief description.

Benefits of personalized books

Several benefits of personalized books are listed herein.

  • Children become more receptive to the key messages and learning of each tale.
  • Children develop self-esteem and confidence. By reading a story of themselves, they learn that they are unique, precious and loved.
  • The personalized books boost children’s imagination as they are the main character/ superhero in the story. Children will imagine the person they want to be through the story.
  • Children acquire higher literacy and reading skills by more spontaneous reading.
  • The personalized books encourage reading by capturing children’s attention (even the reluctant young readers). Children focus on the book because the story is about themselves.
  • The personalized books help children find out their interests and/or intensify them. Psychologist Silvan Tomkins pointed out that “It is interest which is primary. Interest supports both what is necessary for life and what is possible”. The personalized book will help nurturing children’s life by learning both necessity and possibility.
  • The personalized books help children slow down as they focus on understanding the storytelling. Children’s brain is not fully developed yet, and exposing to digital media can be harmful for their development. On the contrary, the personalized books will be definitely helpful for proper development of their brain. Negative effects of digital media can be mitigated through reading the personalized books.
  • The personalized books teach new things more effectively including morale (Educational purposes)

How to choose a great personalized book

Helpful Guides for parents on how to choose a great personalized book are listed herein.

  • The book should have positive message / helpful lessons
  • Reasonable number of new/unknown words needs to be included in the book to improve the vocabulary of your child
  • It is better to have strong characters which impress your child to hold his/her interest

  • The book needs to be reasonably challenging, and inspire thoughts and questions. It will be helpful for mental growth. Conversation with your child after reading is highly recommended
  • It is better to check what inspires your child such as “What topics hold his/her attention?” and “Is he/she interested more on pictures or storyline?”. This information will be helpful for choosing next book more effectively. Encourage your child to tell what excites him/her and find books which meet his/her needs.

Recommended sites offering personalized books

Personalized books need to be customized from a template of each story. Therefore, a site / book-creater usually provides a limited number of personalized story. Parents need to do some research to find optimal books for your child. Several sites which provide personalized books are introduced with brief descriptions herein.

  • : Books are categorized into three age groups (0~3 years old, 3~6 years old, and 6+ years old). Since its foundation in 2012, over 4 million children have read books from according to its description.
    • 0~3 years old:
      • Bedtime for you
      • Lost my name
      • What kind of you will you be?
      • My little monster name
      • A letter for the littlest Bear
    • 3-6 years old:
      • That’s MY Cake!
      • the Wondrous Road Ahead
      • the Birthday Thief
      • Found My Friends (follow-up to Lost my name)
      • Kingdom of You
      • The Elf who saved Christmas
    • 6+ years old:
      • Where Are You…?
      • You Are Extraordinary
      • My Golden Ticket
      • The Power Within
      • The Curious Case of the Magboggle
  • Personalized books for both children and adults are available. For children, 9 Well-known classic stories are available for customization
    • Treasure Islands
    • the wizard of OZ
    • the railway children
    • the Prince and the Pauper
    • the Jungle Book,
    • Robin Hood
    • Peter and Wendy
    • Alice in Wonderland
    • A Christmas Carol
  • A number of caring parents (they are also author, poet, adventurer, wildlife watcher, celebrated illustrator, technology geek) wrote 4 personalized books as shown below. The prices are very reasonable considering that they put a lot of efforts. “Following Featherbottom” seems to be the bestseller and it is about a journey around the globe to find the letters for a child’s name. By the way, there is no picture of a child in the book which may not deeply attract a child’s interest.  
    • Following Featherbottom
    • Every hero needs a Sidekick
    • God Whispered Your name
    • Twas the Mouse who saved Christmas


Three topics have been covered in this article: a. the benefits of personalized books on children’s growing development, b. a guide for parents on how to choose a great personalized book, c. recommended sites which offer personalized books. I hope this article has provided some values to lovely children and their caring parents.

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  1. I will have to have a look at the sites you have listed so I can find a book for my friends son, his birthday is coming up soon and I really like what you have stated in this post. It has inspired me to find a thoughtful gift.

    • Thank you for your comment, Stella.
      I will also order some books for my daughter.
      She will be quite excited to see herself in the story.
      I will keep providing useful information on book-related topics.
      Thank you again for visiting.

  2. Thank you Jason,
    That was a wonderful post and great advice and resources you shared.
    I had no idea about Personalized books but it makes complete sense, the benefits of reading personalized books that you present and excellent and compelling reasons. I thank you for again pointing out that Children’s brains are not yet fully developed yet, and exposing to digital media can be harmful for their development. However, the personalized books will be definitely helpful for proper development.

    This makes sense too. I see so many kids these days lost to their devices – watching YouTube or playing games. We have a 3 year old and I’ve checked out 2 of your resources and am really impressed. Thank you for opening my eyes to this self-esteem boosting way to engage our beloved children, Our little girl is 3 years 4 months old so its a good time. I’ll show my wife and decide. Thanks so much. John

    • Hi, John.
      Thank you for your comment and encouragement.
      My daughter is also 3 years old, and I am trying to do my best for her benefit – health, education, character, relationship, etc.
      Almost all the parents will be the same as me, and I hope we all raise our children with sincere love and care.
      Thank you again for sharing your thought.

  3. This is a great post, I have been buying personalized books for years, started when my boys were small, they seemed more interested in the content of the book when they knew that their name was in the story and also included their friends and family names as well.I hope you are successful with your site as this is something all children should have at some point in their childhood.

  4. I love this idea….what better impression to leave on a child and encourage good reading habits later in life than to give a small child a personalised book and watch the wonder of them discovering that they are part of the story.

    This is also a fantastic keepsake that the young child will treasure as an older child. There is certainly lots of choice here also when trying to decide what fits best for your child. I will investigate these further as the festive season approaches and gifts need to be purchased for my little ones.

    Thanks Jason for this inspirational article


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