Put me in the story

Put me in the story

Personalized books for children have been introduced in my previous articles: Personalized books for children and Where to find the best-personalized books?. One of the sites for these books is Put me in the story. I have reviewed this site a while ago. At that time, I received the impression that the site has a wide variety of book collections. I re-visited the website recently, and I was even more impressed by its extensive collection of many personalized books and the detailed contents of each book. Even with its wide variety of personalized books and children-related products, the site is quite easy to navigate. The menu is well-organized, and a visitor to this site can select the books he or she wants without any problem. The right books can be selected by navigating the following criteria:

  • characters such as Mickey Mouse, Disney, Marvel’s, Pete the Cat, Elmo and Sesame Street
  • whether it is a boy or a girl
  • age group such as less than 1 years old, 1~3 years, 4-7 years, 8+years
  • occasions such as Birthday, Bedtime, New sibling
  • holidays such as Easter, Mother’s day, father’s day, Halloween, Christmas

While reviewing the site, I have found several captivating books as introduced herein. The contents of each book can be checked at the linked site. Further customization, including the addition of a child’s picture, is also possible. I hope these books are lovable to the children who read them. By the way, please note that the products of Put me in the story are deliverable only to the UK, the USA and Canada.

Pete the Cat and CHILD’s magic Glass

(Author: Kimberly and James Dean, Illustrator: James Dean, Age group: 4-7 years old)

Pete the Cat is a popular character in the literature for children. I have introduced “Pete the Cat: I love my white shoes” in my previous article on Children’s Books based on songs.

Pete the catStoryline: Pete the Cat does not feel good one day. While skateboarding on the street, he encounters a toad. The toad is usually unhappy but looks happy on that day. He says that wearing the magic sunglasses made him happy and handed it over to Pete. Pete becomes happy when he wears the magic sunglasses. He keeps moving on the street and meets with squirrel, turtle, and alligator. All of them become happy by wearing the magic glasses. By accident, Pete falls down, and the sunglasses are broken. When Pete is embarrassed, a wise old Owl advises him that he does not need the glasses to be happy. Pete learns that he can make himself happy with a positive thought.

Throughout the book, the same phrases of “The birds are singing. The sky is bright. The Sun is shining. I’m feeling alright!” are repeated while showing the child’s face as the Sun as shown on the left. These positive words and the image are so lovable. The children who read this book can be actively involved in the story. The book is 40 pages long, and the child’s face appears throughout the book. The book presents a philosophical and positive message, as shown below.

  1. Pete tries to help his friends. He tries to make his friends happy by letting them wear the magic glasses. It is a friendly and generous activity which is highly recommended.
  2. Peter learns that he can make himself happy on his own. It implicitly indicates that our willingness and own determination is more important than the external factors.

Find me if you canfind me if you can

(Author and Illustrator: Tom Marzella and Susan Marzella, Age group: 1~7 years)

It is a “Where’s Wally?” type book. There is no storyline. The simple goal is to find the face of a reader from the faces of many children. On each page, there are different backgrounds such as buttons, balloons, candies, baseballs, coins, umbrellas, space, and fishes. A child is encouraged to find himself/herself from the many faces. The book implicitly indicates that all the children in the book are unique and precious. A child who reads the book can realize that there are a lot of children with different faces. A child can learn diversity and equality as well as the skill of focusing.



The first book of animal rhymes

(Author and Illustrator: Sandra Magsamen, Age group: 1~3 years old)

animal rhymes

After the introduction of several little pigs, the reading child is introduced as a farmer. Then, a story of black-sheep follows with the rhymes of a popular song “baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool”. Most children will be familiar with this song. So, they will feel comfortable with reading/listening to this book. The face of a child is shown throughout the book.



on the night you were bornOn the night you were born

(Author and Illustrator: Nancy Tillman, Age group: 1~7 years old)

The book shows how special and unique each child is. Nature and animals such as the wind, the moon, polar bears, geese, ladybugs are celebrating the birth of a child.
All the pictures are picturesque, and the sentences are poetic. A child will learn how special he/she is and the intimacy with nature and the animals.

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  1. Hi there and thank you very much for sharing this article with us!

    Haha I remember back there in my childhood when I had one of those cassettes and I used to listen to stories for children. Great times, some moments that are never going to come back though.

    The ‘Find me if you can’ sounds very interesting, since I consider that skills like understanding the equality between races are so important nowadays. I was thinking about buying my little sister one of those, she’s only 4.

    Where can I buy these from though??

    • Hi, Alex.
      Thank you for your comment.
      Glad to know that you are interested in “Find me if you can”.
      If you click on the title of “Find me if you can” in orange, you are led to the page where you can customize and order the book.
      I’d better add the link to the picture beside the title.
      By the way, I included the link here for your convenience. link

      Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope to talk to you later.
      Have a great day.

  2. I’ve never been aware such books exist and think it’s a wonderful idea. I especially like “Pete the cat and child’s magic glass,” as it encourages positive thinking. Teaching these skills to young children is important as it can influence your way of thinking into adult life. Each of these books you’ve reviewed has important messages, and a child seeing his or her face will feel involved, making the message stronger.

    • Hi, Kathy.
      I also like ‘Pete the Cat and child’s magic glass’ a lot.
      With the popularity and familiarity of Pete the Cat, children can get the message of positive thinking naturally.
      Other books are also recommendable.
      I totally agree with your insightful comment.
      Thank you for your comment.

  3. Hello, Kang. Awesome stuff you have here. Just by reading this article it makes me go buy some books for my children. I think they would be really excited to hear about PETE THE CAT AND CHILD’S MAGIC GLASS. Also, these books you present to us are really informative and educational. Thank you for reviewing them!


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