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Reading children's books

Reading is especially important and beneficial for children, and their parents want to purchase books which will be helpful for their children. Visiting a bookstore or a library is one way of checking the page-by-page content. But, it is not the most convenient option for parents, especially when going outside is not recommended due to COVID-19 pandemic these days.

YouTubeYouTube became widespread and essential to our lives, and there are a lot of book-reading channels for children. Some sites have a lot of followers, and the number of followers increased significantly. For example, the subscribers of Storylineonline increased from 167K to 267K (Apr 24th, 2020) in less than a month.

Recommending the best book-reading channels for children will be helpful for the parents. In this article, more than 30 book-reading sites have been analyzed for a month. Some channels had impressive features, such as professional introduction and excellent sound effect. In some sites, the camera did not even properly focus the pages, and it was hard to read. After the analysis, Top 10 Sites for Reading Children’s Books are introduced.

For the analysis, a lot of factors including the number of subscribers and the number of videos are considered. By considering these factors, the top ten book-reading channels were selected and introduced.
In the following chapters, how they are selected will be briefly explained. Then, the selected YouTube channels will be introduced with more details.

Features evaluated

The following features are evaluated for the review. For each feature, why it is considered and the designated points are introduced.

Number of Subscribers

  • Why considered: Number of subscribers or the popularity of the channel is an excellent indication of how valuable the channel is. Most likely, a channel with many subscribers provides good-quality videos.  
  • Point (0~10). The number of subscribers/ 4000 is the point. For example, if the subscriber is 36.4K, its point is 36400/4000 = 9.1. The subscribers of 40,000 or more will receive 10 points. 

The number of videos:

  • Why considered: More videos mean providing more content. 
  • Point (0~10). The number of videos divide by 20 is the point. For example, if there are 113 videos, its point is 113/20 = 5.65. The videos of 200 or more will receive 10 points.   

Scanned pages?:

  • Why considered: In some sites, a video is recorded while turning the pages with a hand. In other sites, the digital version of a book is displayed. It was a lot easier to focus and read the content with the digital version of a book.  
  • Point: (0~2) 

        2:  Pages are turned digitally

        0:  Pages are turned by hand


  • Why considered: Showing the text clearly means more engagement for the reader.   
  • Point: (0~3)

         3: clear display of the text through digital page-flipping

         2: display of text with manual page-flipping

         1: camera moves around and/or the text is not visible clearly 

         0: text is not visible 

Recent update

  • Why considered: Continuous upload of the videos is a preferred feature. The channels with recently uploaded videos received more points. 
  • Point: 0~5

         5: upload within a week

         4: upload within a month

         3: upload within 3 months

         2: upload within 6 months

         1: upload within a year

         0: No update for more than a year

Site Intro Video:

  • Why considered: A well-designed introduction video makes the site attractive. Also, it is fun for the audience.
  • Point:

         5: Graphically effective introduction

         3: A rather simple introduction

         0: No intro video

Introduction of the book:

  • Why considered: Adding comment or introduction of a book will be helpful for the audience.  
  • Point: (0~3)

         3: Insightful introduction of the book before reading it

         2: short comment about the book

         0: No comment 


  • Why considered: Having a logo of the site is a recommended feature.  
  • Point: (0~2)

         2: professionally looking logo

         0: No logo


  • Why considered: Appropriate background sound during book-reading is a great future. More engagement can be accomplished through it.  
  • Point: (0~2)

         2: effective background music

         0: No background music

Clear and Loud narration:

  • Why considered: Clear and loud narration is an essential feature. The quality of the narration is also evaluated. 
  • Point: (0~1) Clear and loud narration received 1 point


  • Why considered: Some sites had great extra features in addition to the above criteria. Some bonus points were awarded in this case. 
  • Point: (0~5) Up to 5 points are awarded in case there is an outstanding feature. When points are awarded, its reason is provided.


Top 10 YouTube channels for Book reading

More than 30 YouTube channels have been reviewed. Among them, Top ten YouTube channels are introduced based on the evaluation explained in the previous chapter. All the features, including the number of the subscribers and the videos, are measured on April 25th, 2020. The value might be different when you visit the sites. The score is out of 100.

Kidtimestorytime#1: KidTimeStoryTime

  • Score: 93.75
  • Created on: 2015-01-25
  • # of subscribers: 58.8K
  • # of videos: 867
  • Description: The narrator is so energetic.
    Its introduction video is splendid. While reading a book, the narrator talks with a doll about the book. 
    Her narration is a lot more than simple reading. It is very interactive, and she even sings sometimes. She is a professional singer, and I was so impressed by her singing in one of her book-reading, this Jazz Man. This book was introduced in one of my previous articles, Children’s Books based on Songs


Brightly Storytime#2: Brightly Storytime

  • Score: 81.51
  • Created on: 2016-03-02
  • # of subscribers: 33.9K
  • # of videos: 113
  • Description:
    Ms. Linda presents book-reading videos every week with an attractive smile. In the latest videos, texts are shown clearly at the bottom of the video with an emphasis on the word she is pronouncing. (Superior feature: 5 bonus point) Even when pages are turned manually in some old videos, the text is shown at the bottom.


#3: MsBeckyAndBear’sStoryTime

  • Score:79.28
  • Created on: 2018-07-17
  • # of subscribers: 8.22K
  • # of videos: 256
  • Description:
    It is a professional-looking site. There were eye-catching intro-video and a logo. Sound effect was also exceptional. (4 bonus points) Ms. Becky introduces a book with a teddy bear. While reading a book, the face of Ms. Becky appears in a small circle. This channel is quite new: founded in 2018. The number of its subscribers is increasing very fast.
    Ms. Becky asks several questions to her audience before reading a book. She wears magic reading glasses before reading a book. It is a heart-warming channel for me.


#4: Grandma’s House

  • Score: 78.85
  • Created on: 2016-03-18
  • # of subscribers: 15.4K
  • # of videos: 446
  • Description:
    A brilliantly designed intro video will greet the audience at the beginning. (2 bonus points). Even at the end of the video, a good-bye-video with the logo will be shown. Its logo is very cute.
    The number of its followers has increased significantly.
    Most videos are for book-reading. After reading a book, more explanations will follow.


#5: Harperkids

  • Score: 78.49
  • Created on: 2007-08-30
  • # of subscribers: 34.7K
  • # of videos: 622
  • Description:
    Not all the videos are for book-reading. Still, there are a lot of book-reading videos. This channel has a unique feature. The authors of several books are invited for reading their own books. Five bonus points are awarded for this feature.


#6: The StoryTime Family

  • Score: 76.46
  • Created on: 2015-09-30
  • # of subscribers: 34.7K
  • # of videos: 175
  • Description:
    Most videos are for book reading. Pages are flipped with a hand
    While reading, the camera is fixed, so viewing was relatively comfortable. Before reading a book, the narrator makes a brief comment.


#7: StoryTime at Awnie’s House

  • Score: 75.21
  • Created on: 2016-07-12
  • # of subscribers: 112K
  • # of videos: 82
  • Description: It is a fast-growing site. The narrator is smiling & very interactive. She even introduces some of her audiences all over the world. (3 bonus points) She explains about books before she starts reading. A great intro video with a song is provided.
    While reading a book, she adds her comment from time to time. There is a brief discussion of the book at the end of the reading.


#8: storylineonline

  • Score: 71.04
  • Created on: 2011-03-30
  • # of subscribers: 267K
  • # of videos: 62
  • Description:
    It is an amazingly fast-growing channel.
    Celebrated actors read a book, and its intro video is short but effective. A narrator explains a book before reading. In most books, text is not shown, probably, deliberately. By the way, it has a unique feature: it is like an animation film. The characters in the book move during the reading. It is very interactive. (Bonus 5 points)
    The videos are created by a lot of professional staff, including a director, graphic artist, music artist, producer, and cinematographer. 
    At the end of the video, the staff who made a contribution will be introduced, like a movie.


#9: Storytime Anytime

  • Score: 63.51
  • Created on: 2018-11-20
  • # of subscribers: 9.95K
  • # of videos: 232
  • Description:
    Videos are uploaded regularly. It is a very popular site.
    I noticed that a video uploaded a day ago receive nearly 5,000 views. In many book reading sites, the feature of leaving a comment is disabled, but a comment can be left on this YouTube channel.


#10: Happy Cultivated

  • Score: 60.57
  • Created on: 2017-06-27
  • # of subscribers: 27.7K
  • # of videos: 163
  • Description:
    There is more than one narrator, and all the videos are about book-reading. While reading the book, some portion of the pages will be zoomed in.
    There is a simple introduction of the channel at the beginning and the end.


More Evaluated Channels (#11~#25)

From the evaluated YouTube channels, 15 more channels which did not make top 10 and their scores are listed in this section. There will be great book-reading YouTube channels which I missed. Moreover, there might be new book-reading channels in the future. Therefore, I will update the rank in the future by reviewing more channels.

RankChannel name# of subscribers# of videosCreated dateScore
11PV StorytimeUnknown1192017-04-0360.31
12Storytime Train1.92K1842017-10-2559.75
13Storytime Now14.7K1582017-04-2353.28
14Reading LibraryBooks7.04K14052017-01-3049.50
15Grandma Annii's Storytime15.7K962013-05-2447.34
16Stories for Kids2.4K1812017-05-1947.19
18Read Aloud For Kids4.25K1612019-01-1746.07
19Collingwood Park State School383502017-08-2840.82
20Art with Mrs. F1.43K1412017-04-0136.27
22Alphia Sauer3.26K5762012-07-2735.03
23Faith's Toy Reviews2.31K3312015-12-1530.37
24Mrs. Britton's Book Nook1.97K292018-08-0124.88
25Reading is Magic! TV1.13K972015-03-0719.03


Based on several important factors, a lot of sites for reading children’s books are reviewed, and top ten sites are introduced with more details. 
I hope the content in this review is useful for children and their loving parents.

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  1. Hi Jason, cheers for the info. I checked out Kids Story Time and it has some pretty fun videos. It made me think about my favourite children’s book, The Wind in the Willows. Where would I get a good reading of that?

    I was thinking it might be useful if you compile of list of the best narrated books on YouTube. My little boy would find that awesome.

    • Hi, Murray.
      Thank you for your comment, and sorry for my late reply.
      I found the link of “the wind in the Willows”, as shown below.

      It looks like there are not many channels which read “the wind in the Willows”.
      I will ask some book-reading channels if the reading of the above book can be added.

      Also, thank you for your advice on the list of the best-narrated books on YouTube.
      I will seriously think about what I can do about it.

      Again, thank you, and hope you can visit this site in the future. Have a great day.


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