Where to find best personalized books?

In one of the articles in my site, “Personalized books for children”, a brief introduction of personalized books has been provided. Without a doubt, personalized books are highly beneficial and recommended for any child. While being aware of its benefits, there might be several questions on selecting right books for your child. Some examples are shown below.

  • Which website builds the right personalized book for my child?
  • What is the price range?
  • What kind of personalization is provided? Is my child the main character of the story?
  • Can his or her face be shown throughout the story?
  • Can the book be delivered to my country (especially, if you are not living in the USA, Canada, or the UK)?
  • Can I view the full contents before purchasing?


In this article, 8 publishers of the personalized books are selected, studied and analyzed. To choose a right publisher & books for your child, there are several important features to be checked such as the number of books offered by a publisher, price range, and the availability of the preview of the contents after personalization. The appearance of a child’s face throughout the story is also important because it has a tremendous merit: most children will enjoy reading a book in which he/she appears as a main character. Viewing his/her face in the book will be a real fun. According to my research, one publisher offered this feature.

Delivery range was also checked. Some publishers ship their products only to the USA, Canada, and the UK while others deliver their products throughout the world. Customer services are also checked. When some questions were asked through e-mail or their built-in-form, some publishers replied with comprehensive answers quickly while others did not even respond.

Two main contents will be shown herein. First, 8 main publishers of personalized books are reviewed one by one. Then, the details and characteristics of 8 publishers are summarized in a table. I hope many caring parents find this article helpful for choosing a right book for their precious children.


Wonderbly: https://www.wonderbly.com/


It is one of the biggest publishers of personalized books. Its site has a user-friendly menu: Books are categorized into three age groups: 0-3, 3-6, and 6+.

I performed personalization with one of its best sellers, “the little girl who lost her name”. It is a story of a boy/girl who forgot his/her name. He/she starts journey to find each character of his/her name. The main character can be chosen from 3 given avatars for either boy or girl. A picture of a child does not appear in the book while parents can write the preface of the book.


Imthestory: https://imthestory.com/


Unlike other publishers, a preview of a personalized book is not available. To find more details, I asked some questions via E-mail, but there was no response. So, I could not include enough details in the summary table at the end of this article.

The book price is reasonable, but there is an additional charge for adding inscription and photo. A child’s photo will be simply included on the first page.  Simply adding child’s name and picture on the first few pages does not seem to be a real personalization to me. Another disappointing feature is that a full preview after personalization is not available.


Marblespark: https://www.marblespark.com/


A full preview of the personalized book is available before purchasing. I performed a personalization with its best seller, “Following Featherbottom”. The book’s illustrations and contents are very impressive. While reading the book, a child can get familiar with the world-map and several countries & cities which start with each character of his/her name. As an example, the world map with my daughter’s name “BIDAN KANG” is shown in the picture on the right side. All the pictures in the book are beautifully drawn and visually effective.

To lower the delivery charge for oversea-order, ‘DHL mailbag’ is used. Customer service is also impressive. A quick and comprehensive response was received when some questions were asked. A sincere consideration and care for the customers all over world could be felt. Impressive customer care.


Put me in the story: https://www.putmeinthestory.com/


Over 100 books are available. After customization, a full preview is available, but somehow, it is a bit slow. For me, it took some time to review all the pages. A child’s picture can be added in the book, but he or she will be shown only on the first inside page of the book, not throughout the story. A book can be delivered only to the USA, Canada, and the UK.


Iseeme: https://www.iseeme.com


The site has an extensive collection of books including many occasions such as birthday & holidays. I highly recommend the books from this site. I believe your child will love reading them because an uploaded picture of a child will be shown as a main character throughout the story. During personalization, the process of uploading a picture is user-friendly. There is “add additional free personalization” green button at the bottom of the screen. When it is clicked, additional fields open up including the “photo upload” option. A face of your child can be uploaded in the capturing screen. The screen even has a guideline such as “align eyes” and “align chin” as shown on the right side. The process is quite easy to follow. And, extra customization of showing the face of a child throughout the story is free of charge. To me, it is a perfect personalization. Quick and comprehensive response from the Customer service is also very impressive.



Simplypersonalized: https://www.simplypersonalized.com/


There are extensive list of books for children. By the way, there is no classification of age-group in the main menu. So, I had to review the contents of each book after personalization to see if the book is a right fit for my child’s age. If there were a selection guide in the menu, it would be more convenient for the potential customers. Also, no picture of a child will be shown in the book.


In the book: https://www.inthebook.com/en-gb/



“In the book” was founded more than 20 years ago in England, and it is a partner of simplypersonalized. There are over 100 personalized books available. A lot of books have received great reviews from many parents (some books have more than 250 reviews: mostly, its ratings are 5/5 stars). Its menu is user friendly: a visitor can select his/her ideal books by checking gender, age-group and topic. Customer service provides quick and comprehensive help.

After selecting a book for consideration, its contents can be reviewed by clicking on “look inside!”. One missing feature is a preview after personalization (adding name and picture). But, please note that the contents before the personalization can be checked and most books have received great reviews from many users.


The magic of my name: https://www.themagicofmyname.co.uk/


Only one book is available, ‘the magic of my name’. However, the book delivers positive messages to a child whatever his or her name is. The book will introduce motivating and encouraging words for each character of your child’s name. For example, my daughter’s name, Bidan Kang, returned the following results.

  • B for bright
  • I for Intelligent
  • D for Dazzling
  • A for Adorable
  • N for Noble
  • K for Kind
  • A for Amazing
  • N for Nice
  • G for Gentle


No picture can be attached to the book. Instead, one of 6 built-in avatars can be selected as a protagonist of the story. Special dedication can be also added for free.


Company NameYear FoundedNumber of booksFull preview available?child's photo/face
on the book?
price rangeCustomer ServiceShipping countriesShipping cost
Wonderbly201223YesNo$24.99~$34.99Quick responseOver the world
Imthestory200511 classic storiesNoYes$24.99No response(Probably) US, CanadaFree for over $50
marblespark20054 creative storiesYesNo$32.95Quick responseOver the worldTo the US, Canada, :
For oversea, DHL Mailbag is used.
put me in the storyN/AOver 100Yes but slowUploaded picture not shown$24.99~$34.99Quick responseUS, Canada, UK onlyFree shipping on orders $65 or more
iseeme2000Over 50YesYes. thruout the story$29.99~$34.99Quick response,
detailed answers
Over the worldUS Domestic: free for $60 or more
International: Price varies depending on the order value: Example, $15.01~$99.99, $39.95 for outside Canada/Europe
simplypersonalized2003Over 150No. Only few pagesNo$29.99~$49.99Quick responseUSA, Canada.
Oversea orders : thru www.inthebook.com.
Inthebookbefore 2000Over 100No. But contents can be checkedYes£9.99~39.99Quick response,
Detailed answers
Over the world
the magic of my name20151YesNo£23.99Quick responseMore than 70 countries






11 thoughts on “Where to find best personalized books?”

  1. Wow these are fantastic. When our kids were small there was nothing like this available. I would have loved to have received a book like this as a child.
    I now have grandchildren and I can see two that look really suited to a couple of them.
    The Marblespark book would be great for my Grandson Benjamin as he is fascinated by the world and different countries etc, he would love the map.
    The simply personalized would be great for my granddaughter Jessica as I see they can offer a “frozen” version which is what Jessica is simply mad about!

  2. Hi, Mike.
    Good to know that this article is helpful for you.
    I hope your grandson and granddaughter enjoy the books.
    I am also going to order some books for my daughter.
    Their reviews will be added sometime in the near future.
    Thank you for your comment.

  3. What a great review. I didn’t even know personalized story books existed for young children. My boys are both grown now but I am definitely going to keep this idea in mind as gift ideas for my friends and family.

    After reading your review I’d have to say that the iseeme collection would be the one I’d look to purchase. It looks like they have a vast selection and the child is displayed throughout the story.

    This is a great way to get youngsters engaged in reading.

    Thanks for the awesome information


  4. Tracey.
    Thank you for your comment.
    I agree with you on iseeme.
    This site offers quite good collection as well as a quick and thorough customer service.
    Please note that not every book contains children’s face.
    In the sub-menu of ‘Personalized books’, there is ‘Photo Personalized books’ icon.
    If you click on it, there are 8 books which contain a child’s face throughout the story.

    I also believe that personalized books can give children great motivation to read more.
    Again, thank you for sharing your thought.

  5. I wasn’t even aware you could personalize children’s books. What a great idea. The information you’ve provided is really great. Our children need to be encouraged to read books and I can see how this will engage them while they are young. They seem to lose all interest in reading during their adolescence and teen years. So sad.

  6. Hey Jason!
    What a great resource! While I don’t have any kids myself, I’m constantly looking for great gifts for my nieces and nephews. The personalised children’s books are a fantastic idea, and I’ll be checking out iseeme and simplepersonalized. Looks like I have my Christmas shopping list finalized 🙂

  7. Wow this is the first time I have heard of these – what great gifts they will make! Thanks so much for going to all the trouble of reviewing them to make it easy to decide you really have put alot of effort into it.
    Thanks from Chrissie

  8. What a professional guide of choosing books. Selecting books is based on some principles and we can learn that if the site is suitable to find books with these principles. And also, this is a quick table of comparing all book sites and we can decide the favorite site quickly. So we are able to save time to make a decision to buy books for kids.

  9. Thank you for leaving a comment, Chrissie.
    I also agree that these books will be a great gift for any children.
    I will add more helpful articles on children’s books.
    Hope you visit my site again.
    Thank you.


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